It Pays to Check the Label

What Makes A High-Quality Omega-3?

The Serving Size is indicated on the label. This is the amount needed to be taken in order obtain the amount of omega-3s, EPA and DHA listed on the label. Serving size may often be more than one capsule or softgel.

The amounts of EPA and DHA are listed here. EPA and DHA are associated with different health benefits, so it is important that manufacturers clearly identify how much each serving contains.

The amount of EPA and DHA in a supplement is generally less than the total amount of Omega-3s. For example, some packaging will feature “Fish Oil 1000mg” but this describes the amount of total fish oil in the product and not the specific levels of EPA and DHA.

For some health concerns, practitioners recommend patients take an Omega-3 supplement that provides a specific level of EPA, DHA or both.

This list contains all of the ingredients contained in the product.

NOT ALL OMEGA-3s ARE CREATED EQUAL. Contact for the most potent and right dosage of Omega-3 for you and your family.